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PARENT"S DAY or NIGHT OUT for Ages 3 and up

Call for availability.  Drop-in for $10 per hour

 Parents can enjoy running errands or a date night while their child  enjoys the STEM, Reading, and Art activities that are intermingled with play and role - playing opportunities in all the fun spaces! We can also schedule a themed Parent's Night Out upon request!

STREAM PRESCHOOL for K4  Enroll now for the fall

Monday-Thursday  9-12 ,  $480 per month (10 monthly payments)

Students will enjoy phonics, math, literacy, art,  science, geography, Spanish, sign-language, and lots of hands-on fun and play in the Dr. Suess room, inventor's space, art studio, science lab, and recreation room! Please send a snack with your student.

Six students per expert teacher. Role-playing, circle time, seat work, hands-on fun! Students in this class have been introduced to letter sounds already and now they are ready for review, reading, and more math fun! $100 for award winning Abeka curriculum is due upon registration. We begin August 21st and follow district 200 calendar. Call for an appointment for a free tour to see if we are a good fit for your family.


12 Noon - 3  Monday-Thursday   (Sept.- May)

$100/mo for the first club; $80 for each additional clubs or siblings

Drop in price of $30 per session and $25 additional clubs or siblings

Ages 3-5 and Ages 5 and up

Mondays - Creative Arts Club: Music, dance, drama, photography and theater

Tuesdays - Travel Club: Virtual Field trip visiting a different country each week through geography, history, music, art, cooking, scientists and their inventions

Wednesdays- STEM, Science Lab and Art Club

Thursdays - Reading, Writing, Poetry, Art & Speech Club

Click on "Fall Registration" page to see event details and to sign up for the clubs.


9-12 Noon or 9-3  Monday-Thursday  

$480 per month for 9-12, $800 per month for  9-3  (10 months)

Great for students who need small class size and individualized instruction! 6 students to 1 teacher for core classes.  Hands-on fun, manipulatives, educational games, technology, and more!

Also includes science lab and art supplies, study and organization skills, transcript and portfolio creation.  

We can help customize their curriculum and schedule. Perfect for students who need their joy and confidence restored or for students whose parents are not able to home school them.

$300 curriculum and supply fee is due at registration.

Part-time options by the day or hour may be available for home schoolers. Please call for a tour or more information.

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Birthday Parties (any theme!)

$240 for up to 20 participants for 2 hours  

No stress or mess! Just bring a decorated cake or undecorated cupcakes and we provide décor, drinks, cups/plates/utensils, frosting, candles, goody bags, and supplies for all the activities.

Parties include decor, programming and party hostess(es) and 

table ware as well as arcade games (no coins needed) laser tag and Nerf Wars.

Food may be brought in from the outside. 

Idea themes are: Super hero, Slime, Mad Scientist, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Laser Tag/Nerf Wars, Dinosaurs, Minecraft, Space, Art,

Rocket engineering and launch, Chocolate Spa, Shimmer and Shine, Troll, Princess, Robotics,Fashion Designing and Modeling, Unicorn, Mermaid, Arcade Games, Lego, Ghost Busters, My Little Pony,  etc...  

If you'd like to do the party yourself at our location, then it is $120. That includes our facility, tableware, any decorations we have for your theme and a greeter who can answer any technology or arcade questions that you have during the party.  You would decorate, run the party, and clean up. You get the location and the greeter for 3 hours.  We have seating for about 20 kids in our party room. We have 18 recliner chairs for the big screen for movies.  You are welcome to bring in outside food and non alcoholic drinks. We have a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator/freezer. 

Please text or call Kristina, our party coordinator,  to discuss dates and party ideas at  630-217-8007.

Private Tutoring, Group Tutoring, Homework Help, Test Prep

$10 per hour for group tutoring or homework help

 $30 and up for private tutoring, test prep, executive functioning

Please call  to discuss needs, pricing packages and  scheduling .

Appointments must be paid for in advance to hold a time slot. 

Includes S.T.R.E.A.M. events in Science, Technology, Robots-Rocketry-Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math fun!  Different themes for each camp!  We also have academic camps that meets once a week to help your child better prepare for the next grade.

Most are ages 3 and up! 

See “camp registration” page for daily event details and to sign up.


$30 for 9-12 or 12-3,  M-TH

$25 for siblings during the same time.

Bring snacks/drinks and a lunch if you wish.

Includes S.T.R.E.A.M. events in Science, Technology, Robots-Rocketry-Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math fun!  Different themes for each camp!  

Most are ages 3 and up! 

See “camp registration” page for daily event details and to sign up.

Other Information

Parents can drop off or stay and hang out with us.

Please prepay using the registration pages to secure your spot.

Payment is required before services

and to hold future spots.

If we can fill your spot in case of a cancellation, we can forward your credit to another event or service.

We have a science lab, art studio,

inventor's space, preschool area,

and a recreation and arcade area with movie screen,

18 gaming chairs, air hockey, skeet ball and more.

Students love to learn and play here!

We passionately teach science

and history classes

from a Biblical worldview ,

and we respect the beliefs of all persons!

We keep the doors locked for our students' safety. 

Please ring the door bell for assistance.

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