Our specialty is creating fun, hands-on classes where your child can learn, make friends, use their God-given talents and explore a variety of interests. Try us out and see their confidence level soar!

If you want to wear a mask, you are welcome, but we do not require it. We keep our groups small as our students rotate to all the fun spaces! 

Where the fun begins & the learning never ends!

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Our preferred method of payment is a check made out to "Stream" or cash. Please pay 4% extra if you pay with card or PayPal.

Our Programs

Please email

 [email protected] 

or call  630-800-7942 

for a tour or questions.


12:30-3:30  (Aug 23-Dec16)

 $30 per session  or $100 per month     (25% off for siblings)           

 Different themes and classes each month grouped by age. Siblings may request to be in the same class. 

Recreation breaks in the arcade and outdoors as needed!

Mondays- Travel Club (includes geography, map skills, Art, culture, music, dance, cooking, and science inventors/inventions!

Tuesdays - Creative Arts Club (Performing and Creative Arts)

Wednesdays- Zoology Club,  Art School and Home Economics 

(Sewing, Cooking, Craft/Woodshop) 

Thursdays -  Science, Technology  & Art

4 weeks of each: Physics, Spy Science, Chemistry, and Space...

Fridays -Gamer’s Club , Field Trips, Tutoring,

Teen Time, special classes by request! 9-3  $10/hr drop in

Tutoring/Homework  Club M-TH 3:30-5pm $10/hr or $150 month

A La Carte Classes

Dance Party Workout for Parents and Kids - Body Groove or Latin Zumba for Adults and Wii Dance/Karaoke for Kids! Included for families who attend at STREAM.

8-8:30 am M-F

Tuesdays or Thursdays- Drama Class from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.  $10 per week.     

Thursdays- Art Class ages 6+ 4:30-5:30  $15 includes supply fee                                                  

 STREAM ACADEMY 2021-22  Aug 23-May 26  

K-8th grades

8:30 am-12 Noon M-Th $5,625 / year for language arts, mathematics, history,  science, Spanish and art.  Optional field trips on Fridays with our families.

Small class sizes! Every child is gifted; we discover how! 

$100 fee secures your child's spot and is used for curriculum, art, and science lab supplies.  Payments of $625 are due beginning August 23rd  and then on the 23rd for 8 more months. Students may enroll month to month with no long-term commitment.  If they wish to add on to their school day with electives, it is $825/month for 8:30-3:30 and includes fun, educational clubs/electives as well as afternoon, Friday, and evening events if desired . (See below for Club Descriptions.)

Great for students who need small class sizes and individualized instruction! Core classes include hands-on fun, manipulatives, educational games, and technology. We can help customize their curriculum and schedule. Perfect for students who need their joy and confidence restored or for students whose parents are not able to home school them. A private teacher or assistant may also be available for students who need more one-on-one instruction for an additional amount. 

Early Learners

K3, K4 & K5- M-F    Pick your day(s). It just needs to be the same day(s) every week and you pay by the month. 

Students will rotate to four amazing teachers in their themed classrooms to learn phonics, reading, circle time, math, science, role play, art, music, drama, sewing, socialization and more! Limited spots are available.

8 am Dance and fitness fun for the entire family (optional and included)

8:30 am Recess (optional and included)

9-12 Rotations $10 per hour

$100 curriculum and supply fee is required for registration.

                               Call or text to schedule a TOUR

Middle or Highschool Classes

In-Person and/or Zoom 

Tammy Edwards, M.Ed., Instructor

This is an interactive, graded course

or for participation credit

for high school (or advanced middle school).

Begins Aug 23rd

Students may join anytime.

$100 per class/semester for 

on-line/zoom students 

and it is graded by the parent.

2021-22 School Year  Begins Aug 23rd-May 28th

11:00-11:50   M & W     Pre-Algebra or Art

12:30 -1:20      M & W    Conceptual Physics 

1:30-2:20          M & W    World History, Literature, Econ, Bible

2:30-3:20          M & W    Algebra I  or Art

$1300 Semester includes art

Art is in-person only; It is not available on Zoom.



Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

You are welcome to book a $60 DIY birthday party for three hours on available evenings or weekends. 

Or you can have a $300 NO STRESS/NO MESS Party -we can be your party hostess, decorate, implement games and craft activities and clean up. 2 hours, up to 20 kids, you just bring the food and drinks you want to have!

Text Tammy at 630-947-2754 to schedule. Popular themes are Mad Science, Super Hero, Dinosaurs, Mario, Unicorn, Princess, etc. 


Private Tutoring, Homework Help, Test Prep, Technology, Graphic Art or Art Lessons are $40/hr .

Appointments must be paid for in advance to hold a time slot. 

In the rare event you need to cancel, we can apply your credit towards another session only if the session cancelled can be filled by someone else. 


Includes S.T.R.E.A.M. events in Science, Technology, Robots-Rocketry-Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math fun!  Different themes for each camp!  We also have academic camps that meets once a week to help your child better prepare for the next grade.

Most are ages 3 and up! 

See “camp registration” page for daily event details and to sign up.

Other Information

Parents can drop off or stay and hang out with us.

Payment is required before services

and to hold future spots.

If we can fill your spot in case of a cancellation, we can forward your credit to another event or service.

We have a science lab, art studio,

inventor's space, preschool area,

and a recreation and arcade area with movie screen,

18 gaming chairs, air hockey, skeet ball and more.

Students love to learn and play here!

We passionately teach science

and history classes

from a Biblical worldview where applicable (creation, dinosaurs, etc.) ,

and we respect the beliefs of all persons!

We keep the doors locked for our students' safety. 

Please ring the door bell for assistance.

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