Our Dream STREAM Team

We care for your children like our own.

We have background checks and are CPR certified.

Our location is locked when children are present for security. 

We have a doorbell and do not open the door for anyone that we are not expecting. 

Tammy Edwards

Science, Math, and STREAM Teacher, Director

Tammy Edwards is the owner of STREAM and passionately teaches enrichment, science lab,  and math classes here. She enjoys coming up with creative ways to make learning fun. She has taught every grade at private and public schools and enjoys teaching students of every age! She has  also been a professor of anatomy and cadaver dissection at a university.   Early in her career, Tammy was a forensic pathology assistant and premedical student.  She is passionate about sharing the love of Christ through teaching others about how the Bible's history, science, geography, math and prophecies are true and showing evidences of each to her students.

One of her greatest educational experiences was attending Space Academy and Advanced Space Academy for Educators. Out of this opportunity, she applied to become a NASA astronaut and served the community by starting Astronomy, Rocketry, and Robotics Clubs and volunteering at the local planetarium. She still gives virtual tours of national area museums and zoos for The Creation Trail ministry. 

Tammy has a Bachelor’s in Science and a Master’s in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has a wonderful, supportive husband and two adult children who are living life to the fullest! In her spare time, she enjoys sailing, kayaking, and learning to play the hammered dulcimer.

Miss Catt

Creative Arts, Camps, and Tutoring

Let me introduce our beloved Ms. Catt!

She helped me decorate and move in two years ago and has worked here doing anything and everything when she is not off on all her adventures! She is wonderful with all the students: fun, firm, and fabulous! Catt is a senior at U of I majoring in costume design with classes and experience in theater, dance, choreography... she also sings, tutors every subject, and is very artistic and creative! She thinks fast on her feet and can teach an over the top lesson if I give her a spontaneous topic at the last minute. She is always in a joyful mood and cares so much for all our students! I’m blessed to say that she will drive back from college to teach here on Thursdays and Fridays this semester!

Ms. Michelle

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

I’m thrilled to have Mrs. Michelle volunteer for us on Thursday afternoons during the Science and Art Club! She is so helpful, gracious and talented! Meet Michelle!!!

I studied art, child care and interior decorating in college. I was inspired by my mother at a young age to use my imagination to draw, paint and create projects. I love seeing children's creativity grow as they learn and experience new things. Growing their confidence and self esteem in what they make from their imagination, is what makes me love teaching so much.

In the past I have worked at Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action as a activities coordinator and an art teacher and have worked as a Young Rembrandt's teacher during the past year.

I am the mother of three and have always been passionate about teaching and expanding my children's education with project based learning.

I am very excited to teach a STREAM and get to share my passion with the children.

Ms. Kim

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 Let me introduce our Language and History teacher, Mrs. Kim Brackett.

I asked for a bio and she wowed me! We are blessed indeed at STREAM! She was singing geography songs with her students today. So fun! They love her!

Welcome Ms. Kim!

I am a Christian, a wife (of 37 years), a mom to six kids ranging in age from 17 to 35, a grandma to six precious grand kids, a foster mom of many years, a teacher, and a seamstress.

I live in North Aurora with my husband, two youngest children and our labradoodle, Bentley. I am blessed to live minutes from our married kids and grand kids; we see them often. We have a bicycle shop, Pedal & Spoke, in North Aurora, which my husband and oldest son manage. I attend Morningstar Community Church in Aurora. I taught children’s classes for many years, and I was the (volunteer) director of Christian Ed at MSCC for 7 years. For the past two years, I’ve led the mid-week children’s program at our church.

My teaching career began in 1985 after I graduated from NIU with a degree and certifications to teach K-8 elementary, and K-12 special education populations. I taught in the East Aurora school district for 5 years, then in 1990, I began homeschooling our daughter. Four years later I opened a small one-room school in our home, and taught students in grades k-12 for twenty years in my little Cottage School. In 2015, I closed my school and focused my teaching efforts mainly on my own children, but I also taught pre-school/pre-K/K to two students several days a week for two years. From 2018 to the present, I teach one day a week at a home school co-op in our town. My subjects at TEC (our co-op) include middle school and high school History and Literature, Personal Finance, Speech, and Health. Last year when we had to stop meeting in person due to the pandemic, I taught my co-op classes via Zoom meetings and we successfully completed all five of the courses I was teaching.

My days are full with homeschooling our youngest daughter, taking care of our foster baby, babysitting my grand kids, and taking care of our home, but in my free time, I enjoy sewing and quilting. I had an Etsy shop for several years and also sold handmade items on Amazon. Now I sew, mostly children’s boutique clothing, for family and friends, and sewing special orders from referrals by friends and family as time allows. I also enjoy cake and cookie decorating, bread-baking, wreath-making, and other crafts. Overall, my strengths include: trusting Jesus, loving people, and being dependable, detail-oriented and organized. I am patient, honest, caring, hard-working, and creative. My weaknesses include saying yes to too many things, perfectionism, overthinking, and being spontaneous.ncil for Community Action as a activities coordinator and an art teacher and have worked as a Young Rembrandt's teacher during the past year.

I am the mother of three and have always been passionate about teaching and expanding my children's education with project based learning.

I am very excited to teach a STREAM and get to share my passion with the children.

Miss. Shelby

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 I’m over the moon excited about Miss Shelby Anderson, our new art instructor, who will put STREAM on the national radar with ou​r STREAM School of Art. She is bubbly and creative with an enthusiasm for the arts. Shelby graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. One of her favorite classes included scientific illustration at the Field Museum. I t was her dream to go to art school sin​ce she was 5 years old. When she was in grade school, an art teacher motivated her into the arts. Now, she has dedicated her life to encourage a child’s expressive side through all different mediums.

Shelby has a wide range of artistic abilities including painting, ceramics, drawing, creative writing, photography, print media and fiber art. She spent a year in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World, Florida. Today, she has a background of teaching children and adults in painting.

She currently lives in Wheaton and has an art studio at Water Street Studios in Batavia. Most of her work includes whimsical abstract paintings and surreal towns which have been displayed at the Schoenher Gallery in Naperville.  

Ms. Carol

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 Mrs. Carol is a wonderful edition to STREAM, a true God send to keep us organized, and fill in wherever we need her. She will likely be the first face you see a​t the desk and is eager to help you and your children become part of the STREAM family!

Here is her greeting...

My name is Carol Paschall, and I am a new tutor and hostess with the STREAM team. I am the mother to a 19 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. I was introduced to STREAM through a friend and fellow homeschooling mom. I have many years of helping my own children with their school work. I have experience working with children with learning disabilities, due to my son having them.

I love working with children and I am a very passionate, creative person, with whatever task I take on. I enjoy knitting and crocheting, which I have been doing for over 20 years. I enjoy singing and riding motorcycles. I enjoy hiking and traveling with my husband. I am currently a certified Phlebotomist but was laid off after COVID hit.

I am very excited to be a part of the STREAM family. I love children and watching how their minds develop and their eyes light up when they learn new things. I look forward to working with your children as they learn and grow.

Ms. Jakayla

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

We are so happy to introduce Mrs. Jakayla, our dedicated and passionate kindergarten/first grade teacher! Her students are going to learn so much this year with all her planning and hands-on, playful activities!

Jakala Garba, originally from Arkansas, is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health and Education. Although she obtained her degree in 2016, her background in education began at the age of 7. An integral part of her father’s education ministry at church, she served until she was 18 as the youth educator. Jakala has also taught in the public-school system throughout her career. She has taught a wide range of grades from kindergarten through 6th grade. Her educational philosophy and methodology relies heavily on student-led learning and collaboration.

When she is not in the classroom, Jakala enjoys spending time with her family. She is a wife and mother of three. Her children are ages 8, 2, and 6 months old. Jakala also enjoys cooking, baking, and crafting in her spare time.

Jakala is very excited about joining the team, and she is looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful families of STREAM!

Mr.  John

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 I hit the jackpot when I met Mr. John and heard his vision that was also my dream for STREAM -to add a technology center that would energize our students’ passion for learning! He has the best laugh I’ve ever heard! Only one week in and his work ethic is stellar as he teaches and tutors in any subject! He’s an excellent role model for our students. Here is what he has to say...

Hello Everyone,

I am John D Gorman or Mr. John and am excited to be your computer lab teacher/tutor. I feel truly fortunate to be a part of a family of individuals who want the students (your kids) to succeed. Before covid-19 happened, my plans took me to the lush and mountainous jungles of Indonesia. There, I planned to commit two- and half-years to the Peace Corp to teach high school students English. After they postponed the service opportunity, I got hired to be an ESL teacher at a private boarding school (k-8th) in China that had over 16,000 students. It is disappointing that both these opportunities are no longer viable for a while.

Despite my summer camp director position and plans afterwards being cancelled/postponed, I cannot imagine a better scenario than working with Tammy and the team at STREAM Tutoring. My experience as a substitute teacher at West Aurora School District since 2018 and a master’s degree in educational studies from Concordia University-Chicago makes me confident in my teaching abilities. With that said, the students teach me something new every day!

PS: If you are a student, I love Pokémon; tire swings; snowball battles; and chocolate chip cookies!

Mr. Dave

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 Mr. Dave Hilliard, our family friend, is back at STREAM with even more IDEAS!!

He has owned his own marketing business for the last 25 years called IDEAS and taught some classes for us last spring including comics, graphic art, song writing, garage band, creative writing and logo design! In March, he and I collaborated and started STREAMIng IDEAS, inventing educational games for our students. The game boards are gorgeous thanks to his talents! Dave will be helping with creative writing, math, art, computers, and business classes as well as an elective called CREATIVITY, coming soon!

He has a lovely wife and teen daughter who I get to see often because we are all in the same small group at our church, The Compass.

Ms. Sandy

Recreation, Creativity Teacher and Tutor

 Meet our sweet, helpful and creative sewing teacher, Mrs. Sandy!

She started teaching classes here last spring and so many kids have made the cutest projects! She teaches classes Tuesday evenings at STREAM from 6-7:30 and she’ll be teaching them to make a magician’s cape later in our Creative Arts Club! Happy to have her on board!

Here she is in her own words!

When people think of me, they think of my enthusiasm for sewing. I have a passion for sewing and a love for teaching other people my craft. At home I have a husband and 3 school aged boys. Often you will see my boys and I riding our bikes through the neighborhood. On the weekends we enjoy watching a movie together as a family to wind down our day. I am very thankful for my talent of sewing and having a loving family.