Kindergarten-4th Grade

PK -4th grade students will thrive in this small setting.  They will get so much personalized attention to explore and learn interesting things. They will also be inspired to investigate how things work by building or taking things apart. We can help support any learning differences or introduce challenges that will keep our young students motivated and becoming more confident.  They will feel like their schoolwork is just an extension of play time.  Whether it is tutoring and we have them a few hours a  week, or if they come all day and work in the curriculum of your choice, we hope school will become fun and they won't be able to wait to come back! 

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5th Grade-8th Grade

Middle school students that love science, technology, reading/writing, engineering, art, and math would absolutely thrive here. Perhaps they need to be active, challenged, and motivated to get their core work done so they can play and learn in the areas that excites them. In this small setting, they will feel important to the elementary students that look up to them as and they will admire and imitate the high school students that are modeling behavior for them.  Our middle school students will love all the science lab and art classes. They will become comfortable building friendships with others which is so important. They will learn math tricks, how to express themselves in writing and build websites and apps. They will love this place and we will love them! 

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