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What can S.T.R.E.A.M. offer your Child?

  • We can help customize your child's curriculum and schedule. Perfect for students who need their joy and confidence restored or for students whose parents are not able to home school them.​
  • A​ private teacher or assistant may also be available for students who need more one-on-one instruction for an additional amount.
  • Great for students who need small class sizes and individualized instruction!
  • Core classes include hands-on fun, manipulatives, educational games, and technology.





 Aug 17-May 26

K-12th grades

8 or 9AM - 2 PM or 4PM

Monday - Thursday

Fun Friday (optional)



  • Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, Spanish, Art, and other Electives.
  • $120 per semester secures your child's spot and is used for curriculum, school, art, and science lab supplies.
  • Students may come as early as 8 am for recreation at no extra charge.
  • Students may add to their school day with more electives, classes, or clubs.
  • Students may enroll month to month with no long-term commitment for K-5th, and middle/high school students enroll by semester. 

Per Hour



Private Tutoring Available Upon Request

Group Tutoring 






1 to 4 PM

Afternoon Clubs K-5th

Academic Classes



Monday to Thursday

 9-2 PM


$800 per month 

(Billed for 9 months)

STREAM Membership 




  • Academic Classes 8am-2pm
  • S.T.R.E.A.M. Clubs 2-4pm
  • Teen Club 2-4pm
  • Fun Fridays  9-3

 (Billed for 9 months)


Kst-5th Grades

8 or 9am-2pm


Language Arts 4x/week 

 Mathematics 4x/week
plus other electives 2x/week

Small class sizes! 8:1

Every child is gifted; we discover how!  


$120 curriculum fee/semester


9-12 and/or 12-3

M-F $10/hr or $250/week 9-3

ages 5-12

(extended care may be available as early as 8am and as late as 5pm)

Students will rotate to different activities including outdoor fun, science experiments, STEM challenges, art projects, math/language review, and technology/games.

Themes/dates will be posted in February and may include: Robotics, Coding, Rocketry, Space, Medical, Dissection, Drama, Cheer, Circus, Carnival, Water Games, Sports, Relay Races, Transportation, Animals, Vet/Pet, Gardening, Cooking, Mock Trial, Puppets, Art Show, Dance, and more!


Students rotate in small groups with their peers to different teachers/subjects:

Monday - Travel Club

PE, Cooking, Geography, Art, Science

Tuesdays- Creative Arts

PE, Art, Technology, Performance

Wednesdays- Zoology

PE, Art, Science, Technology

Thursdays - Science

PE, Science Lab, Art, Engineering

Grades K-6th, Monday to Thursday from 1-4pm 

Teen Club is ages 12+, assist with clubs

Included in S.T.R.E.A.M. Membership

for K-12th grades for $50/month with 

Academy Tuition 

Clubs are each $100/month 

per day of the week

($75 sibs/month)

6th-12th Grade

A variety of core and elective classes will be offered to students in an area complete

with classrooms, an arcade, 

and an engineering room. 

Some students may only choose to attend

M/W or T/TH. Some may prefer a schedule with breaks in between classes so they can take advantage of the study area or social time with friends. Students are welcome anytime from 8am-2pm. 

There are 8-18 students in each class.

Students can Zoom from home or while on vacation if need be.

A microwave and refrigerator are available.

$100 per class/mo or $800/mo for all


6th-12th Grade Schedule Fall 2022

M/W choices

9am Earth/Space Science

10 am Literature w/writing

11 am Pre-Algebra

12 pm Psychology or Spanish

1pm PE or Spanish

T/TH choices

9 am Creative Writing 

10 am Personal Finance

11 am Geometry/Algebra

12 pm Geography/Archaeology

1pm Fiber Arts or PE

1pm Tues Spanish


Private Tutoring, Homework Help, Test Prep, Technology, Graphic Art or Art Lessons

$40/hour for private tutoring

Appointments must be paid for in advance to hold a time slot.

In the rare event one needs to cancel, we can apply credit towards another session only if the session canceled can be filled by someone else.