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What can S.T.R.E.A.M. offer your Child?

  • We can help customize your child's curriculum and schedule. Perfect for students who need their joy and confidence restored or for students whose parents are not able to home school them.​
  • A​ private teacher or assistant may also be available for students who need more one-on-one instruction for an additional amount.
  • Great for students who need small class sizes and individualized instruction!
  • Core classes include hands-on fun, manipulatives, educational games, and technology.





 Aug 17-May 26


8 or 9AM - 2 PM 

Monday - Thursday

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  • Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, Spanish, Art and other Electives..
  • $120 secures your child's spot and is used for curriculum, school, art, and science lab supplies.
  • Students may come as early as 8 am for recreation at no extra charge.
  • Students may add on to their school day with more electives, classes, or clubs.
  • Students may enroll month to month with no long-term commitment for K-7th, and high school students enroll by semester. 

Per Hour



Private Tutoring Available Upon Request

Group Tutoring 






1 to 4 PM

Afternoon Clubs K-5th

Academic Classes



Monday to Thursday

 9-2 PM


$800 per month 

(Billed for 9 months)

STREAM Membership 




  • Academic Classes 8am-2pm
  • S.T.R.E.A.M. Clubs 2-4pm
  • Teen Club 2-4pm
  • Fun Fridays  9-3

 (Billed for 9 months)


1st-6th Grades

8 or 9am-2pm


Language Arts 4x/week 

 Mathematics 4x/week
plus 8 choice electives 2x/week

Small class sizes! 8:1

Every child is gifted; we discover how!  


$120 curriculum fee/semester


8 or 9am-2pm


Students will rotate to four amazing teachers in their themed classrooms to learn phonics, reading, circle time, math, science, role play, art, music, drama, sewing, socialization and more!

We have a parent cafe' with free wifi and coffee where parents can work or socialize with other parents while their children are in class. 


$120 curriculum fee/semester


Different themes and classes each day grouped by age. Siblings may request to be in the same class. 

Grades K-6th, Monday to Thursday from 2-4pm (can be dropped off as early as 1pm)

Teen Club is ages 12+

Included in S.T.R.E.A.M. Membership

for K-12th grades for $50/month with 

Academy Tuition 

Clubs are each $100/month 

per day of the week

($75 sibs/month)

7th-12th Grade

A variety of core and elective classes will be offered to students in an area complete

with classrooms, a social lounge, 

and a study room. 

Some students may only choose to attend

M/W or T/TH. Some may prefer a schedule with breaks in between classes so they can take advantage of the study area or social time with friends. Students are welcome anytime from 8am-2pm. 

A microwave and refrigerator are available.

$100 per class/month 

Or $100/year per class for access to the Google Classroom’s Lesson Plans so you can DIY from home. 

We grade it for you!


7th-12th Grade Schedule Fall 2022

M/W choices

9am Earth/Space Science

10 am Literature

11 am PE/Fitness

11 am Pre-Algebra

12 pm Psychology

T/TH choices

9 am Creative Writing 

9 am Spanish 

10 am Personal Finance

11 am Geometry/Algebra

11 am Art & Crafts

12 pm Geography/Archaeology


Private Tutoring, Homework Help, Test Prep, Technology, Graphic Art or Art Lessons

$40/hour for private tutoring

Appointments must be paid for in advance to hold a time slot.

In the rare event you need to cancel, we can apply your credit towards another session only if the session cancelled can be filled by someone else. 

Group Tutoring & Homework Help

$10/hr M-Th 

Group tutoring