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Tammy Edwards

Founder & Director

Science, Math, and MS/HS Teacher

Mrs. Tammy is the owner of STREAM and passionately teaches enrichment, science lab, and math classes. She enjoys coming up with creative ways to make learning fun. She has taught every grade at private and public schools and enjoys teaching students of all ages! She has also been a professor of anatomy and cadaver dissection at a university. Early in her career, Tammy was a forensic pathology assistant and premedical student. She is passionate about sharing the love of Christ through teaching others about how the Bible's history, science, geography, math and prophecies are trueOne of her greatest educational experiences was attending Space Academy and Advanced Space Academy for Educators. Out of this opportunity, she applied to become a NASA astronaut and served the community by starting Astronomy, Rocketry, and Robotics Clubs and volunteering at the local planetarium. She still gives virtual tours of national area museums and zoos for The Creation Trail Ministry.

Tammy has a Bachelor’s in Science and a Master’s in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has a wonderful, supportive husband and two adult children who are living life to the fullest! In her spare time, she enjoys sailing, kayaking, and learning to play the hammered dulcimer.

Miss. Tonya -Elementary Teacher

Phonics, ELA, STEM, and Electives

Miss Tonya is a wonderful, passionate teacher that makes every subject easier and fun with hands on activities, and projects. She can boost students' confidence by helping them learn to read better and understand math. She wows them with science experiments and engineering projects. She spoils them daily with over-the-top lesson plans and new kits. We are all so blessed because she relates to every student so well. She is extremely kind, passionate, and dependable. She has multiple certifications and degrees as well as experience in graphic design, photography, early childhood development and more.​

Mrs. Courtney

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Courtney has a knack for making her room look so inviting and her units so fun! Her students love coming to class everyday  as they rotate between phonics, reading, art, music, math, science, geography, dramatic play, virtual reality, physical education, recess, and game time. She is always smiling and eager to help her students learn. She also sings and plays the guitar leading her class in fun songs!.

Mrs. Sandy

Sewing Teacher

When people think of me, they think of my enthusiasm for sewing. I have a passion for sewing and a love for teaching other people my craft. At home I have a husband and 3 school aged boys. Often you will see my boys and I riding our bikes through the neighborhood. On the weekends we enjoy watching a movie together as a family to wind down our day. I am very thankful for my talent of sewing and having a loving family.

Miss Sandra

School of Creative & Performing Arts & Spanish Teacher

Miss Sandra is excited to teach arts & crafts  performing arts, and Spanish. The students love her kind and sweet teaching style and all the ideas she imparts to them! She also teaches Clubs so even more students benefit from her creativity!

Mrs. Lucie

Administrative Assistant & Substitute Teacher

Lucie is likely the first face you will see at STREAM. She is so friendly as she checks everyone in, takes attendance and process payments, and fills in wherever we need her. She is the most joyful and positive person! She is great at keeping us organized, disinfected, and healthy! 

Ms. Karen

Math & ELA Instructor 2nd-5th grades and Tutor

Ms. Karen is a wonderful teacher that loves to get to know her students - their interests, how they learn, and how to move them forward in all their skills. She makes learning fun by sprinkling lessons with educational games and literature connections. 

Mr. Dave

Fun Friday Game Instructor and Tutor

 Mr. Dave Hilliard, our family friend, is at STREAM with even more IDEAS!!

He has owned his own marketing business for the last 25 years called IDEAS and taught some classes for us last spring including comics, graphic art, song writing, garage band, creative writing and logo design! In March 2020, he and Tammy collaborated and started STREAMIng IDEAS, inventing educational games for our students. The game boards are gorgeous thanks to his talents! He has recently written and published his first comic book, L.A.W.S., and is designing the game to accompany it. His latest class that he teaches is FILM SCHOOL on Fun Fridays - the students LOVE it! They are writing script, taping scenes, editing, and making a movie!