Preschool Academy ages 3-5

9-12:30 M & W or T & Th

phonics, math, literacy, art,

science, geography,

Spanish, sign-language, and lots

of hands-on fun and play

No more than six students per expert teacher!

Students bring a lunch and backpack.

$240 per month 

Please call or email to schedule a tour and free registration.

630-800-7942  [email protected]

STREAM Academy for K-4th grades

9-12 noon , 12-3, or 9-3 M-F

includes core subjects & electives

Great for students who need small class size

and individualized instruction!

Also includes science lab and art supplies,

study and organization skills,

transcript and portfolio creation.

Up to six students per teacher.

$10 per hour or

PT $400 per month or FT $800 per month

Abeka curriculum is $300 per year and includes all subjects.

Please call or email to schedule a tour and free registration.

630-800-7942  [email protected]

 STREAM ACADEMY includes...

Core Classes, Electives, and Recreation Activities

Personalized, Self-Paced,

Breaks and Vacations when desired

Expert Teachers in each subject.

One-on-one, hands-on

and project based fun learning.

Includes personalized curriculum.

Students will want to

learn and play here

because of the small class size,

flexible seating,

family home-like atmosphere, and

hands-on learning. Students will

learn at their own pace

with lots of one-on-one time

with expert teachers in each subject.

They will also have no stress,

no homework, and

Furthermore, they will

get frequent breaks,

as needed, to enjoy elective

or recreational activities

with friends in the

science, art, recreation, movie

and inventor rooms.

Students can bring

snacks, drinks, lunch, laptop, and headphones.

We provide all other school, art, and lab supplies!

We will enforce skills in time management,

organization, note-taking,

studying, and interviewing

while instilling confidence, manners,

integrity, character, morals and social skills.

We teach from a Biblical worldview

where applicable, especially in science and history, focusing

on Genesis chapters 1-11 for the big questions

of origin. In doing so, we hope that students

will know that they are valuable, loved and have purpose.

We welcome students of all faiths

where they are respected and encouraged to share.

Other common theories of origin are also taught

and evidences for and against are researched.

We will also help with

transcript preparation,

college planning, and

compiling of an electronic portfolio.

This learning center is perfect for students

that experience difficulty at traditional schools,

need a slower pace,

wish to work ahead,

have a part time job or athletic schedule,

or for those whose parents

are not able to school them.