What our customers are saying...

The preschool class is amazing! I'm amazed at all the fun and educational things they do. My child never wants to leave and can't wait to go back. She is teaching her older siblings all kinds of stuff that she learns at STREAM school. With only four in a class and three teachers, they get so much individualized attention as they role play and experience hands-on fun! 

Thank you so much for all that you do with our son. This is the happiest our family has been in years now that his brain is properly challenged. --Sue

I have worked with many schools, and hundreds of educators, but have never met a better teacher than Ms. Edwards. Using games, activities and hands-on experiments, she makes learning fun!!! --Mike

Crystal Lawrence says...

Mrs. Edwards is a wonderful teacher that truly loves the children. Mrs. Edwards continues to further her education to be the best teacher she can possible be. She strives to find each child's learning ability, then teaches class in the different learning styles so the child can grow. My children excelled under her direction and to this day talk about the impact Mrs.Edwards has made on their lives. Mrs. Edwards is not only a wonderful teacher, friend, role model for your children but she is a wonderful friend and mentor to parents. I wish I was not so far away where I could work beside Mrs. Edwards in her new adventure. What an honor that would be! The Lawrence family loves you Mrs. Edwards!

They are SO great with both our children and they look forward to going every time! They are so excited to learn new things and see their friends! Thanks for everything! You all are the best! :) --Joy

Mrs. Edwards has been teaching me ever since I was in 3rd grade. She is an AMAZING teacher and always has great ideas for making learning fun. Everything just came easy to me when she was teaching. She has definitely been my favorite teacher --Josh K.

Tammy Edwards is by far the most exciting and superior teacher that my daughter has ever had! Her love for the Lord is evident in everything she does. It is seen in how she loves and cares for her students as if they were her own, how she brings Christ into every aspect of learning, and how the joy of the Lord is radiant in her own personal life. In addition to her love of God and her students, God has given her an abundance of enthusiasm in bringing learning alive and a great gift in the ability to present material in such a way that the children absorb it like a sponge. She maintains a well-disciplined classroom, firm yet fair, loving, and kind. If anyone has the opportunity for their child of any age to be under the teaching of Mrs. Tammy Edwards, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences that you and your child will ever experience! --Inez Lancaster

Tammy Edwards taught my daughter in 2nd grade, and my son in K. I cannot begin to express what I wonderful teacher she is. She also facilitated a Robotics birthday party for my son's 10th birthday last year, which was a huge hit with all the boys! Her love of the children and her enthusiasm for teaching is apparent every single day. Her professionalism is second to none. She will be a wonderful influence on any child (or adult) who has the opportunity to know her. --Tanya Fifer

I have had the blessing of knowing Mrs. Edwards for the past 17 years. She is a woman of great integrity and character. She is an excellent teacher and truly loves her students. Mrs. Edwards is all about making learning fun, and as a former teacher myself, I can honestly say that I've never seen her equal in engaging the children and making learning an exciting adventure. My son was in a class on finances that she taught, and she has also done 2 birthday parties for my boys - dinosaurs and robotics. Both were a great success and my boys still talk about them! --Jenna

Mrs. Edwards taught my son in kindergarten. He was really far behind after preschool so we were doing a "practice kindergarten year" before going into public kindergarten. It was amazing what she did with him! He was reading before the year was over and went on to a very successful first grade year after her class. I taught for several years and my mother taught for over 30 years. Mrs. Edwards is by far the best teacher I've ever known. She LOVES what she does and it shows!! My mother is constantly asking if my youngest is going to be able to have her for a teacher (and my mother is not easily impressed by teachers). Unfortunately for us, she moved away but now so many more kids will be able to benefit from her love of teaching! Our loss is a blessing for others - Lyn Lough

Tammy taught my daughter in the 2nd grade. My daughter couldn't wait to go to school each day to see Mrs. Edwards! Then in the 5th grade my daughter was in Tammy's rocket club and robotics club. Not only is Tammy an outstanding, spirited, creative, loving, hard-working teacher...she and I became very good friends. If we lived in Illinois, I would find a way for my daughter to have Tammy in her life. She is a Godly woman who has a gift for teaching and inspiring! I miss her terribly! -- Jennifer